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FORENSIC INSTINCT is a leading authority in digital evidence and has over a decade of expertise in digital forensics, eDisclosure and information security.

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Forensic Instinct helps protect you with more than a decade of experience responding to hundreds of incidents and conducting intrusion investigations. Our consultants combine their expertise with industry-leading technology to help you with a wide range of activities — from technical response to crisis management.

We are Forensic Instinct — our forte is digital evidence, our distinction is intuition.

Services Overview

Incident Response

Responding to the most critical cyber security incidents and empowering organizations to protect their assets.


Supporting organisations’ risk management strategy through vulnerability assessment and forensic readiness

Expert Witness

Our expert consultants can perform an analysis of prosecution evidence to identify discrepancies in a case.


Information is everywhere. We host it, process it, and organize it – so you can actually use it.


Threats Prevented

Court Attendances

Terabytes Processed

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