Response Readiness Assessment

Assess and improve your ability to detect, respond to, and contain advanced attacks

Based on our extensive knowledge of leading practices and experience responding to critical security incidents, the Response Readiness Assessment helps you review your security operations center and incident response capabilities. With a Response Readiness Assessment, you can determine where your program needs to go and how to get there.

Service Overview

The Forensic Instinct Response Readiness Assessment provides you with a comprehensive survey of your existing security event monitoring, threat intelligence and incident response capabilities. It also delivers specific, cost-effective recommendations for improvement. During the Response Readiness Assessment, our consultants examine each area of your program to answer questions like these:

Regulatory Compliance

Do your response strategies support applicable regulatory and legal requirements?

Incident Detection

Does your organization have the mechanisms in place to rapidly detect an incident?


Is your staff organized effectively and does your staff clearly understand their roles and responsibilities during an attack?



Do you have a clear process for rapidly responding to potential data breaches?



Does your staff have the training they need to respond effectively and efficiently when incidents arise?


Does your organization have the necessary hardware and software to respond across your enterprise?

Our Approach

Over the course of the Response Readiness Assessment, we compare your current practices to our six core capability model. We then test your program using real-life scenarios our consultants experience every day. Finally, we give you a roadmap with detailed recommendations for how to build, mature, and sustain your security program.


Assess Your Capabilities

During the first phase of the Response Readiness Assessment, we examine your ability to detect, respond to, and contain threats.

Our consultants collect and review your SOC workflow, threat intelligence, and incident response program documentation to compare your current practices to industry best practices. Detailed interviews of your staff help us understand the your program’s unique processes.


Tabletop Exercise

We put your processes to the test with tabletop exercises. Our consultants work with you to customize a scenario that simulates an incident.

Common scenarios include system compromise, leaks of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), inappropriate data use, and threatening emails. During the exercise, we assist and evaluate your efforts from initial detection to resolution.


Recommendations and Roadmap

We provide you with a final report and presentation that blends our review of your procedures, your staff’s insights, and our observations during the exercise.

Consultants working on the Response Readiness Assessment compare your program to applicable legal or regulatory requirements and industry best practices, and highlight your program’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Our Team

Our digital forensic analysts are leaders in our field. We have produced outstanding results in literally hundreds of cases, and our experts have extensive testimony experience, advanced training, and certifications. We bring experience from both Law Enforcement and the Private Sector.

Forensic Instinct experts are trained and follow the practices outlined in the HB 171-2003 Guidelines for the management of IT evidence by Standards Australia. This document is primarily for investigative community and serves as the main guide to setting standards for Australian courts. As such, this sets the levels of expectations that digital evidence must meet as exhibits for consideration by the Judge and Jury.

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