Information is everywhere. We collect it, analyse it, and organize it — so you can actually use it.

Forensic Instinct is a specialist in eDisclosure and litigation support services. We offer full eDisclosure services to support law firms, corporate and government agencies and have vast experience of working in these sectors.

As an independent eDisclosure provider, we experience minimal conflict in cases.  With teams in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney we are well placed to conduct forensic collections and provide onsite services throughout the Australia.

Service Overview

Forensic Instinct eDisclosure services include the following:

Data Collection & Preservation

Our expert consultants help identify, preserve, and collect electronically stored information (ESI) using court-approved tools and techniques. Data is gathered from desktops, laptops, servers and much more in a forensically sound, defensible and cost effective manner without disrupting operations.

Search and Analysis

Following processing and indexing, advanced search and analysis capabilities enable the client to gain immediate visibility into case facts


Once the documents have been reviewed and the production set has been identified, the documents are prepared for production.

Early Case Assessment (ECA)

ECA is a strategy used to estimate risk and cost associated with prosecuting or defending a legal matter. We customise our ECA process for each matter, using a combination of professional expertise and software, based on the requirements and goals of the client.

Online Review

Online review enables over several concurrent reviewers to rapidly conduct a privilege and responsive review.

Case Management

Your dedicated Forensic Instinct project manager will provide a single point of contact throughout your eDisclosure project.

Our Team

Our digital forensic analysts are leaders in our field. We have produced outstanding results in literally hundreds of cases, and our experts have extensive testimony experience, advanced training, and certifications. We bring experience from both Law Enforcement and the Private Sector.

Forensic Instinct experts are trained and follow the practices outlined in the HB 171-2003 Guidelines for the management of IT evidence by Standards Australia. This document is primarily for investigative community and serves as the main guide to setting standards for Australian courts. As such, this sets the levels of expectations that digital evidence must meet as exhibits for consideration by the Judge and Jury.

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