Computer Forensics

Experts in the extraction, analysis and presentation of digital evidence from computers.

Forensic Instinct provides the highest standard in computer forensic services to law firms and corporate clients based in Australia and beyond. Our computer forensic experts analyse and present digital evidence, supplying independent expert advice in plain English. We identify, collect, preserve and analyse digitally stored data, providing high quality legally admissible evidence.

When required, we conduct covert data collections to ensure discretion in sensitive cases. Thorough processes combined with cutting-edge forensic software provide accurate and complete results with the highest level of integrity. No one can guarantee to find the data you are looking for, but if it exists, Forensic Instinct will find it.

We know that when the services of computer forensics specialists are required that it is often during a stressful period for the requestor. With this in mind, we aim to provide a calm, discrete and efficient service to help move towards a positive resolution

Service Overview

Forensic Instinct forensic services include the following:

Data Collection & Preservation

Through computer forensics our expert consultants help identify, preserve, and collect electronically stored information on computers using court-approved tools and techniques.

Data Analysis

We employ leading edge techniques to analyse the data which include, but not limited to: emails, user activity, internet activity, documents and related metadata.

Remote Data Collection & Processing

Our experts can collect data in any location – even in remote environments off the corporate network or with slow bandwidth connectivity. To make the task of collection even easier, our consultants can facilitate and manage data collections for you in a defensible and forensically sound manner.


Forensic Instinct work closely with defence solicitors, public and private sectors, presenting our findings in a clear and concise report which is ready for presentation in court or a tribunal.

File Downloads

Physical Location

Program Execution

USB Usage


File Opening / Creation

Account Usage

Deleted File or File Knowledge

Internet History

Our Expertise

We have extensive experience across a broad range of criminal cases and civil disputes.  These include:

IP Theft

Fraud, Bribery and Corruption

HR & Employment Disputes

Child Exploitation Material

System Intrusions

Industrial Espionage

Sex Assaults

Murder and Manslaughter

Our Team

Our digital forensic analysts are leaders in our field. We have produced outstanding results in literally hundreds of cases, and our experts have extensive testimony experience, advanced training, and certifications. We bring experience from both Law Enforcement and the Private Sector.

Forensic Instinct experts are trained and follow the practices outlined in the HB 171-2003 Guidelines for the management of IT evidence by Standards Australia. This document is primarily for investigative community and serves as the main guide to setting standards for Australian courts. As such, this sets the levels of expectations that digital evidence must meet as exhibits for consideration by the Judge and Jury.

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